Tile & Grout
Tile & Grout

Grout notoriously collects spills and dirt over time, often resulting in discoloration. With dirt accumulating deep in the pores of the grout, using other cleaning tools such as mops will not be able to reach it. When it comes to proper tile and grout cleaning if done by hand, the process can be strenuous and time consuming. Not to mention that despite your hard work, it remains impossible to come close to the deep-clean results that can be achieved when utilizing professional Tulsa tile and grout cleaning services.

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Carpet Being Cleaned

Although carpets commonly provide a comfortable surface for standing, walking, sitting, or merely serve to decorate a home, there are some uncomfortable facts when it comes to their cleanliness. From hair, pet dander, and food particles, to fleas, mold, and bacteria, your carpet houses some pretty nasty things. Though you may be tempted to clean your carpets yourself, it is significantly safer, more effective, and more sanitary for a professional Tulsa carpet cleaning service to take on the challenge.

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Furniture Being Cleaned

Furniture, while intended to sit or lie upon and enjoy, can actually prove quite detrimental to us when not properly cleaned. Commonly trapping dust, dirt, and other allergens, we breathe in whatever is present. That’s why it is so important to have your upholstery cleaned regularly and why it’s so beneficial to hire a professional Tulsa upholstery cleaning service.

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Water Restoration
Water Restoration Heat Fan

Emergencies happen. Sometimes they come in the form of water leaks or flooding. When these types of emergencies occur, you must restore the space to its previous dry, safe, and livable condition. We can effectively remove moisture and water using our powerful carpet extractor, and dry your home thoroughly, in the least amount of time.

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Residential Clients

Perry L. (Tulsa, OK)

"The service was outstanding. Appreciated the follow up to make sure we would be satisfied."

Kelly R. (Sand Springs, OK)

"Very professional and kind. I feel very comfortable having him in my home. We were very satisfied with the results."

Tom D. (Broken Arrow, OK)

"Without exception, this is the finest carpet cleaning service in Tulsa."

Shirley & Jim B. (Tulsa, OK)

"Very pleased! You exceeded our expectations with our Travertine Stone floors."

Commercial Clients

Dewberry Design Group

"Steve and Beth were both a pleasure to work with and the quality of service was outstanding. I will recommend you in the future to others."

Eastland Baptist Church

"Thanks for doing such a great job cleaning our carpets."

Dale Gillman Antiques

"You did a fast, fair, professional, and good job. I really appreciate it."

Flight Management, Inc.

"Thanks for the great job cleaning the white couch in our shop."

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