Best Cleaning Testimonials

Residential Clients

Perry L. (Tulsa)

"The service was outstanding. Appreciated the follow to make sure we would satisfied."

Kelly R. (Sand Springs, OK)

"Very professional and kind. I feel very comfortable having him in my home. We were very satisfied with the results."

Tom D. (Broken Arrow, OK)

"Without exception, this is the finest carpet cleaning service in Tulsa."

Jen & David H. (Glenpool)

"We were very pleased with the cleaning results and the care you took to be careful with our furniture not to damage anything when cleaning around. Also, thank you for the information on how to freeze our credit reports.... Done."

Jon L. (Tulsa)

"We hesitated with using the steam cleaning method, because we had only used the Chemdry method, but after using your service we were very pleased with the results and plan to use your service over the Chemdry method in the future and have already recommended your service to our friends."

Shirley & Jim B. (Tulsa)

"Very pleased! You exceeded our expectations with our Travertine Stone floors."

Jamie & Jose B. (Tulsa)

"I wanted to write this letter to compliment you, not only for the excellent job in carpet cleaning, but for running a business with such professional skills and implementing some of the things people seem to have forgotten in our present day. Your follow up call and letter shows me that you care about the satisfaction of your customers."

Kate B. (Owasso, OK)

"My only regret is that I didn't call you sooner. Great work!"

Kelly & Frank A. (Tulsa)

"Carpet looks great! Very pleased!"

Barb & Leon C. (Tulsa)

"What I appreciate most is your high level of concern for the outcome. Steve and Beth's company is appropriately named "Best". It was the best carpet cleaning job we have ever had."

Commercial Clients

Dewberry Design Group

"Steve and Beth were both a pleasure to work with and the quality of service was outstanding. I will recommend you in the future to others."

Eastland Baptist Church

"Thanks for doing such a great job cleaning our carpets."


"I want to take this time to thank you for the fine job you did cleaning the office panels. You saved us of the expense of buying new or recovering."

Dale Gillman Antiques

"You did a fast, fair, professional, and good job. I really appreciate it!"

Flight Management, Inc.

"Thanks for the great job cleaning the white couch in our shop."

Francis Oil & Gas, Inc.

"I want to thank you for the fine services in my home. I always enjoy our visit and will call again."

Dale Young Co.

"I have been in carpet sales for 30 years. I heard of many carpet cleaning horror stories from customers. Most of the carpet cleaners got the carpet too wet, which is not good for the carpet and virtually all of them left soap residue on the carpet that causes carpet to resoil about 20% faster. Watching you clean my carpets, I was impressed with your several stages of cleaning moisture removal and drying - all the things that are so important for good carpet care. I will be recommending you to my customers."

Water Restoration Clients

Kristin H. (Tulsa)

"Thanks for the prompt, professional and thorough service with our water leak. Second time in the same area. Then a couple of years later on the second floor. I am concerned about this house. And each time we called you for your help. Thanks for being a company that we can depend on when disaster strikes. Also we really appreciate you building a containment room around the affected area which separates the living quarters from the damaged area. This shows that you are concerned about the owners of the home and don't want us miserable by the enormous about of heat that the drying equipment produces. You made the restoration process as painless as possible. Thank you."

Raskin Companies

"We were delighted the furniture turned out so well. It was a long process cleaning up after the flood. Getting our home and its contents in an order that didn't show any signs of damage was something we thought was impossible. Thanks for taking good care of us."

Chris & Gary H. (Tulsa)

"Thanks for the being prompt and giving us extraordinary service when we found that we failed to leave the water running in our apartment and our pipes froze from the last storm. Thanks for being careful to make sure the home is dried completely before leaving the site."

Barnes & Barnes

"Thanks for acting so quickly and being so thorough with drying out our home when we experienced the water leak from a washing machine."

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